Erasmus students during the pandemic - Part II

It is said that every situation in our life is assimilated according to our personality, that two people can look at the same thing and still see something different. Following this idea, we wanted to know how similar or different can two Erasmus students see the same situation they are going through. In the last article, Alexandra talked about her Erasmus experience during the pandemic with all its ups and downs.

Interview: „ When I came back to Portugal I think that I left a part of myself there”

Becoming an Erasmus student is a proof of courage and a great desire to meet new places and people outside the comfort zone, especially if it’s about the first experience of this kind and and one doesn’t know what to expect. For Raquel, the semester in Romania meant not just a novelty, but an authentic story full of characters, places, memories and self development. How was this chapter of life for this Portuguese girl, did she find the adventure she was looking for?

How is it like to be an Erasmus student?