It’s the beginning of summer. It’s the time when we can smell the freshness in the air, enjoy the warm long days, see the daisies bloom and we can even tell that we start feeling younger inside. But it’s not just the first day of a new season we celebrate now – it is, above all, that particular day of the year when we officially let ourserves bring out the inner child who never disappeared from our hearts. #HappyKid, #AgeIsJustANumber, #ThrowBack, we are all children on the 1st of June.

          In Romania, as for many other countries such as Bulgaria, Ecuador, Russia or Uzbekistan (to name just a few), the month of June starts with a very beloved holiday commonly called Children’s Day. It is an opportunity to celebrate kids and reminding them how special they are by dedicating them a whole day full of joy, laughter, good feelings and interesting activities. More than that, since 2017, in our country it represents a national holiday, which means a legal non-working day and, consequently, more time for the parents to spend with their children who, in their turn, have a free day from school.

         If we look in the past, we can easily associate the 1st of June with lots of games, gifts, friends to play with and good mood. We felt powerful, important and loved while spending the day feeling like it’s our second birthday party. We were the heroes of the day, the main characters, the little ones who were so big for a moment. This is exactly the purpose of this holiday. It is about the wellbeing of all the children, of those who always represent the future and hope, of those who enjoy the most the little joys that make life more beautiful, the joys that transform the whole world into a chidren’s game of smiles.

         And here we are now! Still so young but adults already. Students and full of desires. Mature but childish at times. We never stop growing, never stop being hungry (for Dreams, Trips, Art, Fun, Life). We like playing board games, going to teambuildings, having lots of funny activities, making new friends, singing out loud without any shame, dancing like crazy, discovering new worlds and playing sports pretending we are pros. Are we really that far from that old dimension of ours called childhood?

          Keeping the magic of old times between our memories and having a young soul that goes beyond the years we count in our lives are one of the best feelings in the world. Being all grown-ups doesn’t stop us from enjoying a lovely holiday adressed to the children because this day, like any other one, is always a good occasion to celebrate life at any stage of it.

          Consciously or not, we are often looking for that pure joy we experienced during childhood, that mythical time when we used to live in the present and when the 1st of June was always associated with a special day in the calendar. But more than a moment, it means a good mood, a feeling, a memory throught which we can find a way to return to the early years of life, the best for many of us. #LittleMe, #Childhood, #ImissTheOldTimes, we all get celebrated today!


                                                                                                       Cristina-Elena Talpoș