These are unprecedented times we are living. The clock seems to have stopped, and our daily activities have undergone major changes. There is no specific recipe for coping with isolation, each of us trying to find our own way to resist, wait, or enjoy this "break" of the world. Let's see this situation through the eyes of our volunteers: which are the ups and downs, the funny and the difficult parts, and their message for the Erasmus students from everywhere.



            Following each recruitment session, ESN counts the new volunteers and initiates them into what this great community and also its multiple departments really mean. Behind each new member lies a purpose, a story, a desire to achieve something. Everyone came here to play a certain role (or even many) and to discover a family made up of and for students only. Even so, the reasons for this initiative may vary from person to person, showing us how interesting unity in diversity can actually be.

What is it like for a Romanian student to take the chance and live an Erasmus experience full of

Becoming an Erasmus student is a proof of courage and a great desire to meet new places and people outside the comfort zone, especially if it’s about the first experience of this kind and and one doesn’t know what to expect. For Raquel, the semester in Romania meant not just a novelty, but an authentic story full of characters, places, memories and self development. How was this chapter of life for this Portuguese girl, did she find the adventure she was looking for?

How is it like to be an Erasmus student?

           It’s the beginning of summer. It’s the time when we can smell the freshness in the air, enjoy the warm long days, see the daisies bloom and we can even tell that we start feeling younger inside. But it’s not just the first day of a new season we celebrate now – it is, above all, that particular day of the year when we officially let ourserves bring out the inner child who never disappeared from our hearts. #HappyKid, #AgeIsJustANumber, #ThrowBack, we are all children on the 1st of June.

 On the 1st of March we celebrate the day as a symbol of a new beginning...


Yes! It’s time to relax and spend time with yourself.